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Please Speak in the same language as your browser for a great translation

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Press the Start Recognition button and allow access.

Voice To Text Notes App Powerful and efficient voice and text dictation. Many users wait you to join. This application will facilitate typing. You just have to speak, and very quickly will convert your words to text, as you can save them as a note.From now on you will need only a few programs that are easy to use and fun to use. The primitive methods of writing cost hours of time, either this wonderful application will take only minutes, just click on the microphone and enjoy writing.Suitable for bloggers, thinkers, students, writers, businessmen and all people.Fast and efficient

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About Us
Voice To Text Notes App is a powerful speech-enabled on-line notepad, styleed to empower your ideas by implementing a clean design, thus you'll be able to concentrate on your thoughts.
We strive to supply the most effective on-line dictation tool by participating latest speech-recognition technology for the most correct results technology can achieve today, at the side of incorporating built-in tools (automatic or manual) to extend users' efficiency, productivity, and luxury.

Dictation utilizes Google Speech Recognition to transfer your spoken words into text. It saves the generated text in your browser domestically and no information is uploaded anyplace.
Dictation can recognize and translate all languages but you must speak with the same language as your browser.

Raise Productivity & Efficiency
For many people, key-typing is very difficult and therefore time-consuming. Voice To Text Notes App give you to type with your speech (clear speech).

Take notes even after you do not feel like typing! simply speak your note, and it'll be saved as text. This pad of paper app was designed to quickly write your ideas. And it makes it straightforward to stay those ideas organized.

TecGet - Voice To Text Notes App Technology
Voice To Text Notes App relies on Google's high-end speech-recognition engines. In fact, all of your speech is distributed to Google, there it gets taken victimization powerful parallel servers and algorithms, and gets sent back to Voice To Text Notes App as a stream of potential transcription results. With the proper handling of those results and set of commands to the Speech-To-Text engines, we have a tendency to are able to attain results that don't fall in accuracy even compared to the foremost skilled and pricey code out there on the market. boost that punctuation insertion upon click and voice commands and good capitalization, and you get one in every of the foremost advanced apps out there.
Quantitatively, accuracy levels above ninetieth ought to be expected.

Instructions & Tips
1. Tap the Start Recognition button and give permission to access your microphone for capturing your speech.
2. Now you are ready to start speaking.
3. Save your notes

Compatibility & System Requirements
If you run it through a Chrome browser it'll work. No want for installation, disk space or high-end machines. it'll run swimmingly on your computer, desktop, laptop, and Chromebook. you would possibly attempt it on your tablets and phones, however it might have problems with some devices.

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